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What Is Different About Us

The one big difference between ourselves and other marketers is that we will come to your place of business to discuss your company in great detail. With the information, we will take 7 to 14 days of consideration to design a marketing plan to suit you. We do not simply paste a one-size-fits-all strategy on your site. Instead we form a tailored plan based on intimate knowledge of your company.

We never fail to pick up great ideas when we make our call and what’s more, we call regularly for as long as you are a customer. Your business will change and the web certainly changes, so realignment is an ongoing part of our support. What we have found over the year is that every company works differently and as a result, our solutions are always different for each customer we work with. Each solution is focused on lead generation, the most important aspect of commercial websites.


We achieved very good Google rankings that continue to bring in enquiries from big buyers in our market, thanks to Websitewizards
China Source & Supply got us top rankings in Google,Yahoo and Bing. As a result we pull in customers from all over the country.
Selston Cosmetic Clinic

Our Publishers

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Why Choose Us ?

  • You talk directly with the person doing the work on your site
  • Unlike other internet marketing agencies we will visit you to fully discuss and get a feel for your business. We will also regularly visit you throughout the year
  • We will liaise directly with your web developer on your behalf and fix things up from an optimisation point of view
  • Our Ninja Wand © process is based on the latest Search Engine technology from Silicon Valley,California
  • We have over 20 years of real-world business experience and will bring that to your marketing campaign.
  • Customer list-building support. One of your greatest assets, and often under-used by clients
  • We have invested heavily in tools and systems in order to make sure your site ranks better.
  • Setting up and optimizing your blog. Then updating its security & allowing you to post your own news & content when you need to.