Ecommerce Websites

The Ecommerce support package captures traffic across a large range of products. Often product suppliers provide you a feed (description and images for each product)

But it does not follow you should load them all up to your site and expect great positions in Google.
It simply does not work that way.
You are handling the same standard images and descriptions that every other ecommerce operators has.

You simply HAVE to stand out from the crowd by doing things differently. Our Ninja Wand technology handles this by analysing your site and products versus other ecommerce sites and products.
The goal is to give your site high visibility, across the search engines, overtaking your competition on the way.

As with the enterprise package, we will powering up your site.
We will also be implementing a method of avoiding the duplicate image penalty.
Ecommerce sites have hundreds, if not thousands, of images.
These need handled properly to avoid the Google sting.
This is critical to attracting visitors to your site.