Why You Should Use Extensions for Your Local Customers


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Why You Should use extensions for Local Customers

60% of searchers click on links within the advert e.g. address and phone number.
This makes it so easy for them to contact you without having to key in your full number
OR see your products on their mobile.

These are called Google extensions.
They are easy to implement and so important for customers.
If all they have to do is press a button, it's far more likely to happen.

The report clearly shows that customers will go to great lengths to avoid being frustrated.
They don't like not knowing exactly where you are, or when you are open.
They certainly don't like arriving and finding you're not there or it's not in stock.

A further important point is that mobile marketing is not just an extension of desktop marketing.
Mobile is now part of the buying cycle and people want information because they
are on the move and want facts quickly.
Mobile advertising is about to overtake desktop.

Finally, marketing success is not just about what happens the first time they come across your business.
Today, shoppers are far more savvy and and do much more research when they buy, particularly if it's a higher ticket item. Be ready to give them everything they need up front.
If you make this effort, you will be ahead of most of your competition.

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