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Optimising a site for Thousands of Products

Ecommerce optimization is a specialized skill because of the nature of a typical site, selling thousands of products.

This is unlike lead generation where a client might focus on 2 or 3 words about their service.
It might seem very tempting to list up your suppliers range of products together with the description they provide, but this will get you nowhere.
The images look great and the text is specific but you are not going to achieve top 10 rankings just by loading up all this info to your ecommerce site


Just think about this. Almost every other online seller of your product range is doing exactly the same thing. Same images, same text.
Why should Google give you any preference?

Your site needs to be individual and unique. The images must be unique to you . Same with the text.
Yes, that's a lot of work, but think of it this way. It's your business and your livelihood. You need to do everything you possibly can to stand out from the competition in your customers' eyes and just as importantly, in Google's eyes. And your uniqueness is one way to do it.Take a look at the top performing ecommerce sites online and check their content. The text will be theirs.
The images will not be hosted on their server unless they shot the photos themselves.
They will not be using a supplier's image feed.
They are not getting penalised for their site content and neither shoud you be.

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