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Start Using Linkedin like Professional

Don't fall into the thoughtless marketing techniques of so many linkedin members, who simply blast out their product or service.

Think about it., How many times have received a message in Linked from someone simply telling you what they do.
The thinking here is that, as a linked in subscriber, you'll be interested.
That's about as attractive as opening 20 spam emails in your inbox.
Instead take the intelligent approach .
Start a conversation.
"I saw your profile and was very interested in your product/service ..."
"We have a common synergy and could perhaps send referals to each other."
At the end of the conversation have a quality freebie to hand out, something of real value that may have cost you something to put together.
Make sure it is of real value to your target.
How much better an approach is this?

A further step in advertising on Linked is selecting exactly what industry you want to target and the status of your target e.g. marketing director or CEO.
You can also select the city or perhaps better, the turnover of the company.
All these options ensure a far more targeted advertising campaign than Google's pay per click can offer.
Although the volumes are nowhere near Google's, your return on investment shoud be much higher because you are in control of who sees your ad, something you can't do with Google.
Now you can offer your freebie and develop the conversation.

Your freebie could be, for example, a well researched article on the target's market.
Let's take cosmetic surgery. The latest stats and trends on a top cosmetic surgery operator, who is having considerable success.
Or how a mortgage broker increased his enquiries by a controversial article he published.
Perhaps a highly amusing video of a product being demonstrated.
Perhaps a profesionally produced video showing how to carry out jewellery cleaning.
(Not many jewellers doing that)

Whatever approach you take, invest some time and energy along these lines and you'll get a far better return for your efforts.

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