As s special intensive training for those not ready to pay for a full time Internet Marketing Program,
I am offering a One Hour Intensive Training on your website.
This will consists of a one hour online call with myself and followed up with a bullet-pointed takeaway
of top tips and tweaks for you to carry out  on your site.
Plus a list of your titles needing changed up
Plus a carefully selected list of the most lucrative keywords for your site.

All this can be carried out by yourself or passed to your web developer to carry out. Your web developer
can be part of the call.

The focus will be on the easy things you can do to get started and is a follow on from the site analysis
already sent to you.

The session and takeaway plan will focus on:

Showing where you are right now against your top competitors.
Seeing what they are doing that you can copy and use straight away.
We will do this by analysing all their web comments, Facebook posts, Blog articles etc and adapting thier
strategy to suit your website

We will focus on your site performance with your visitors. Google considers these as critical  when it ranks
web sites.
Bounce rate (how long people  stay on your page.  0.5 seoconds or 60 seconds?)  Makes a huge differenc
as far as Google is concerned

Traffic levels.
How are they attracting so many visitrs and waht we can do to grab ytour share.

We will list up all your titles onto a spreadheet and get you to work on them and update them.
They are critical to Google. You can’t afford to have very similar titles. It is a waste of an opportunity.

Keyword Research
We will do indepth work with you here. It is criticla to get the righ words. They ahve to be moderately
comepotive noty highyl cooetitive, or we we wll not be abler to comete oiwth big operatorsin your mareekt.
They msut have a reasoibale muberof searches tso we ge good traccif to your site. The session will conver
this in detail and pass a summary on to you at the end of the session

Cost of this session £295, payable on the day

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