Internet marketing today is more detailed and extensive
than ever before.We needed a comprehensive tool that would
handle all the characteristics of a site and produce a
detailed in-depth report of improvements for our team
to work on.

Our Ninja Wand software has been created to do just this.
The benefit for you is that it precisely lists up the work needed to :
Increase your visibility on the Internet.
Attract more visitors and buyers to your site

We have invested heavily in this new up-to-the-moment
Silicon Valley technology in order to pull all these different
components together under 1 roof.
For example as soon as a new update is announced from Google
the Ninja Wand is also updated
So we ensure website visits are unaffected

Ninja Wand Approved is how we rubber stamp all websites that
have gone through our system.
When you come on board with us your site is rigorously tested
against all these standards to see how it performs.
This forms the benchmark of the work needing done in order
to improve your Internet visibility and attract more visitors

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